Cheapest and Nearest is a Hyper Local and Market Place Startup positioning itself to become India’s New Search Engine  that enables discovery of local stores and services in a locality. Thus we provide a complete access to all services and products near to your current location by the cheapest and the fastest means.

Cheapest And Nearest offers a business-to-business solution to all the merchants who are being searched in any local market on our Website and Application. Whether its of Beauty , Salons, Gyms, Dry Cleaners, Chemists, Gift Shops, Bakery , Boutiques and many more . Cheapest And Nearest enables the consumers to get the best and verified when it comes to facilities available in their vicinity.

We also believe that the local vendor market is in its maturing stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully deliver the online platform to them where they can showcase what they can provide to the consumers .

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Priyanka Madnani
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Abishek Kumar
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